SIGLA Estúdios de Animação e Cinema
SIGLA Studios has, currently, 18 animation projects in several different stages of production.

Our animation techniques include 2D, 3D and Stereoscopic 3D (3D Glasses), with a production velocity that was never seen before in brazilian market, what make us able to produce over 500 minutes of animation in one year (almost 20% of everything that is produced all over the country).

Our projects have content enough to go beyond the cinema and TV, providing strong roots to create consistent trademarks, able to lead several derivated products in all entertainment areas (DVDs, CDs with Theme Songs, Videogames, Interactive Websites), and many other licensing stuff, such as, clothing, toys, cookies, especific products, school stuff, etc.

Because of the need of keep the intellectual content safe, we can only publish here some of our projects:

Wacky TV

Meet the craziest TV network ever seen. Directed by a greedy and cheater man called Mevil Wacky, the Wacky TV is always seeking for increase the audience ratings, appealing to the craziest ideas in order to attract the audience.

Jump into the backstage of a funny network and enjoy the most unexpected situations that mixes what happens "on air" and "off air", together with a team of dozens of incompetents guys, who works hard to bring to you the news, the game show, the talk show, the cooking show, reporters all over the world but, the most important: make you laugh out loud!

PS: Any resemblance with a real TV network is just a coincidence. Or not.

Watch Volume 1, with 7 episodes now available on main Streaming Platforms: NET NOW, Looke, Vivo Play and Microsoft Store.


The AnimaClipe Project came from the need of bringing to the internet audience a new entertainment panorama, making the 3D animation way closer to the people, but not only in TV advertisements and in the cinemas.

We decided to unite the most powerfull entertainment areas, mixing, in a single project, the music, the internet and the 3D animation.

The result of this is nothing but the most harmonic, colorful and fun mixing in the internet, bringing to us a new concept concerning to the participation of brazilian animation on people's life.

The project became a huge success among teenagers, who loves music and animation. We reached almost 400 thousand of views on our YouTube channel, plus thousands of posts on twitter, facebook and orkut. This success reverberated, also, on television and the internet, as you can see in press session.

Now, turn up the volume, hit play and enjoy it.

SIGLA Estúdios de Animação e Cinema

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